Monday, September 20, 2004

Ode to My Car

In the past week, I have had the opportunity to spend quality time with my car. I love my car, but this was not the kind of quality time I wanted to spend with it. I think I would much prefer driving down the highway with the radio turned up, my windows down and the roof open.
But my car has had some ailments of late. I had to nurse her back to her beautiful, peppy self with a little investment in services. First I got her some new Lola was having some problems with her tires.
Then I took her to the chiropractor to get her aligned. She was a little out of adjustment. Poor baby. Then finally, I got her a pedicure (aka her rotors were turned).
Now she is running lovely. She will be getting an oil change next weekend and hopefully I will be able to take her to the spa where she can be cleaned.
I really am attached to my car. I was attached to my previous car as well, but Lola is different. She is the first car I bought on my own. She was a birthday present to myself three years ago. She has been wonderful ever since.
She is shiny silver. She reminds me of that rocket-like vehicle that they broke speed records with in the middle of the salt flats.
She has dark windows and four doors. She is so sleek, yet cute. I never thought I would ever be so enamored with my vehicle. But, I spend more time with her than any person. I spend time with her in traffic in the morning, traffic in the evening, errands on the weekend, trips to California, she goes everywhere with me.
My cat, Jona, loves her too. When Jona and I go on errands or trips together, Jona always cuddles up to Lola's back window and falls asleep.
What a great car. This is the ode to beautiful car.

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