Friday, April 22, 2005

Meeting...Part 3

The ride in his car was filled with silence. She watched the passing lamplights and street signs with intensity. She was afraid that if she let up her vigil toward the street, he may start a conversation. She wasn’t yet sure how she wanted to react to this reunion, this rendezvous. Nothing had happened between the two of them, but for some reason she felt guilty being in his car and within his reach. She tried to bring Cody to mind, but her thoughts were repeatedly ravaged by luscious visions of Rory while they had been together. Rory always had such a strong chest and his arms…NO, NO, NO. You must get these thoughts out of your head. Think about something else. Ben Gay.

Ben Gay. The pepperminty smell could always change her mood. It made her think of her grandmother slathering on the mentholated salve while in a flowered housecoat.


“What? Did you say something, Beth?”

“Oh, no, nothing. I just sneezed.” She began searching her purse for a Kleenex.

“Then, bless you. You always had the worst allergies.”

“Yep. Darn allergies. I started going to an allergist last month and I’m hoping it will clear up the problems I have had for years.”

“Are you getting injections?”

“No, not just yet.”

What are you doing, Beth? You were not supposed to start conversation, let alone about your allergies. You really are strange.

“Sorry. I’m speaking gibberish. You don’t want to hear about my medical problems.”

“No, it’s not a problem. I don’t mind. I was just glad the silence was gone.”

“It’s been a long day. I’m a little beat. Sorry. I promise after dinner I will be more upbeat.”

“Beth, there’s no need to apologize. I remember that about you. You apologize for everything. I like being around you. Don’t worry about it.”

“You’re right. Thanks.” A smile snuck upon her lips as if she had a secret.

Just then they pulled up to the valet for Rosa’s. The white twinkle lights were glowing from the eaves of the restaurant’s front. Inside, nothing had changed. It was still cozy and romantic. In the middle of the restaurant was a fireplace, blazing a soft orange. Twinkling lights swagged from wall to wall along the ceiling. The only other light in the room was the candle, sitting on each table. The food here was excellent, but Beth had always noticed that wine tasted better, eyes sparked vivid and caresses were softer in this place.