Thursday, August 14, 2014

Morning Reflection

Writing quickly so I can get in my blog post before my little dragon wakes up. I cannot believe my little guy is going to be 23 months in only four days, which means in a month, he will be two.

This might give a hint as to why I haven't blogged since October. I have been busy dancing, jumping, playing, running, singing, climbing, sliding and keeping up with my toddler. Everyone tells you what an amazing time the first year of your baby's life will be -- the growth and change are extraordinary. There are even baby books to chronicle every month of the first year (I know why now...because your baby is only an infant for about the first nine months of his life).

But no one tells you that the months between one and two are incredibly transformative. My little man went from saying only a few words to entire phrases and humming melodies. He has learned fear and separation, as well as the excitement of independence. His once wispy head of hair is not full and shining, growing so quickly that he just had his third haircut. He has mastered walking and is now climbing, scaling, jumping, and doing so many things that involve more sophisticated motor skills. He has gone from mommy or daddy feeding him with a spoon and bottle to drinking out of cup and using a spoon or fork on his own (it may be a bit messy, but he is doing it). He makes different sounds when he plays with a car, truck or motorcycle. And, he is beginning to say the alphabet and sing songs he learns at school.

This last year has been unbelievable, watching my baby become a little boy. I think he skipped toddler. His face is different every day. His mannerisms have gone from big and exaggerated to much more controlled (however, big and exaggerated are still in there).

I wish they made a book to chronicle 12 months to 24 months (I looked). I have done my best to capture the last year with photos and notes in my diary, but I am so afraid there will be bits missing. I didn't anticipate everything to go by so quickly. I am thinking the years ahead will be just as quick. I need a pause button for my little man. Just for a day or two, I would like to pause his growth and have the time to enjoy who he is at this very moment a little bit more. I already savor each minute, but I want more time to do so. I am enthralled with how he solves problems, learns new things and is intrigued by his discoveries.

So, I may not have blogged over the last 10 months...and there has been a bit of pining for the time to write...but, there isn't a bit of regret. Every moment I can spare is spent enjoying my family. I have two loves in my life and they bring me immense joy.

Here is to perhaps a few more blogs in the next year...or not.