Monday, August 20, 2007


Have you seen it yet? Have you seen this wonderful movie? Some have said it is something like The Princess Bride. I can see the resemblances because it is something like a fairy tale. But, it is such a lovely story all on its own.

Imagination reigns in this world of Stormhold, separated from the human world by a simple stone wall. When a young man sneeks through the gap in the wall, the whole story begins. Nine months go by and, after befriending a captured princess, the young man finds he is a father.

Eighteen years later, the young man is grown and his son Tristan is on the verge of manhood, fighting the awkwardness of unrequited love and a lack of confidence. One night Tristan makes a promise on a fallen star to bring it back to the one he loves in exchange for her hand in marriage.

He finds his way back into Stormhold in search of the star and finds that the star is the shape of a beautiful woman. He begins to live the adventure he has always dreamed of...defending the advances of a witch in search of the star's heart, alluding two princes who are determined to inherit the throne of Stromhold and the rare jewel worn by the star, and then meeting rough and rowdy pirates who take orders from a cross-dressing captain.

In the end, Tristan becomes a confident hero who can parry a sword and capture the girl's heart. Oh, he also destroys the witches after his beloved's heart, discovers his mother and becomes the rightful heir to the throne of Stormhold.

I think the greatest part of this movie is that you are allowed to check reality at the door and drift away on a cloud of an adventurous tale. It sweeps you away and reminds you of what it was once like to fall asleep while your father or mother read you a fable or bedtime story.

I also like the fact that this is a simple, beautiful love story. It makes you smile to yourself as you think back to those new moments when you first fell in love...really fell in love. Although you are watching a story, you identify with the hero and his star. You begin to glow with happiness just as the star in the movie does. Movies just aren't like this anymore.

On another note:
A lot of coming movies are based on terrific teen fiction books. Here are a few I can't wait to read and see:
The Golden Compass
The Spiderwick Chronicles
The Seeker

And, a movie that cannot come soon enough for me...Across the is about time someone made a rock movie that is based on Beatles music.

Friday, August 17, 2007

The Ugliest Statement

Driving into work this morning I saw a bumper sticker that was more than just an observation about unattentive drivers or a favorite band. It was the ugliest statement I had ever seen and what was worse was the fact that it had been created on a bumper sticker so there were likely more like it riding around on the back of vehicles.

Let me lead with the caviat that I fully respect and defend the First Amendment so this person had every right to express his idea or view, just as I have the right to express mine right now. But, I think that this statement could be viewed as hate verbiage...something that is not tolerated in our country.

What did this bumper sticker say? It was so disgusting that I don't want to repeat it. And, I think I am also afraid that writing it will make this bumper sticker seem more real. I just can't believe there is an ignorant person driving around with this on the back of his truck. Okay...I know I have to write it down, but anyone who is reading this...please understand this is in no way how I feel or do I condone this kind of statement...quite the opposite (as you have already read above).

"The NAACP is offensive to me" and next to this statement was a Confederate flag. What year are we in people? Have we seemingly come this far in society for a statement so stupid and narrowminded to bring us back a few decades? I have never felt so much anger, sadness and deep pain at one moment. It really cut to my deepest core this morning and I found myself flashing this person the dirtiest look possible as I passed his big blue truck. argh!

More infuriating? He didn't even notice my dirty look. He was oblivious to everything around him on the road. Of course, why should I have expected anything else from this person? He doesn't care how backward and dated his statement is, and he hasn't noticed how much the world has changed around him. I understand there are places in our country that still have this sentiment...but, seriously...get over it. We are a mixed culture. A beautiful blend of different religions, beliefs, colors and histories. It is what makes America so wonderful!

I know this is just a lowly blog and I probably cannot change the mind of the biggots that are out there. But, I had to write about this experience. I had to release the disappointment I felt in this display of ignorance. Whoever you are...I am truly sad for you. I am sad that you don't understand the stunning beauty of the people around you. I will pray for you tonight, hoping that the Lord will open your eyes and let you see the real truth of our society.