Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On Writing...

Tonight I went to my first writing group in a couple of years. It was a freeing feeling. I savor the opportunity to talk about writing with other people who have the same fiery flames as I do. Sitting on a patio at a restaurant in the middle of the city, the sound of breaks, buses, horns in the background while we discuss words and thoughts on an art that brings my soul to life. Energy. Passion. Heart. It was all there at that table over chips and salsa.

Now I am back at home, contemplating the next chapter I will tackle in my writing project. A book. I have never been so excited about my writing. I have learned to sip and enjoy the journey. Someone who is quite impatient, this is a first. Perhaps it is because I am older and wiser now than I was when I attempted to write a novel two times before.

Why do I write? I saw an essay contest that asked the writer to explain why he or she wrote. Why? It is like explaining why fish require water to stay alive. It is a necessity. Reading and writing keep me sane. They keep me connected to me.

So, inspiration is surging through my veins this week. It is invigorating. I will be ready to talk writing, storyboarding and character-building on Thursday evening with my writing partner.

On another note...my weight loss challenge is going along. I go up and down on the pounds I lose, but I am feeling fantastic. And, I have been going to the gym four or five times a week. I have lost a good amount of body fat. So, whether I win or lose -- I don't think I will care. It has me going in a healthy direction. And, it has made me closer to a good friend.

Music: A week from today I will be seeing The Swell Season with Rachael Yamagata opening for them at the Mesa Arts Center.

Books: Currently reading Edward Rutherfurd's "The Princes of Ireland"