Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Evolution of Relationships and Other Ponderings

Tonight, I was reading a book and my mind started to wander. Ever sit back and think about the evolution of the relationships you have with other people? I have close friendships with people who only a year ago were simple acquaintances. After, we found out we were fellow foodies, we started to go out to dinner together one time a month. Now, we are all so close and we confide in one another much more often.

Then, there are those people who are tried and true friends. You may not talk all the time, but you can count on them always. You may not talk for a month, but when you do connect, it was as if the time never passed. I am so blessed to have a few of these type of friends. They are awesome!

There are other friends who just exist. I am beginning to wonder if these should be counted among friends. You just run into them once in a while and when you do there is a small connection, but of nothing consequential or deep. But, they confide in you once in a while, look to you for wisdom and also ask for the occasional house-sitting stint. How would these friends classify?

The last type of friend is someone who fades in and out of your life, remaining a constant of sorts. You always know they are there and may forget about them for a bit because it has been a year or so since you have chatted, but somehow your paths cross again. There is a comfort almost to these type of friends; there are you-friendly people out there.

Ridiculous rambling, I know. And, perhaps not the most eloquent of entries. But, these are ponderings.

Some other random ponderings...why are jigsaw puzzles so wonderfully fun? Even when you are working on a 1000-piece puzzle until 5 a.m.? Yes, this very scenario occurred to me this weekend and it was so fun! Does this mean I'm a nerd?

Why does England have to be such a wonderful country? I read about London and I get goosebumps. I listen to Scottish music and I have to sigh with glee. I think that perhaps I am destined to live there.

And, why, oh, grape slushes from Sonic have to be so tasty??

Current read: Through a Glass Darkly by Karleen Koen

Current music obsession: Glasvegas