Friday, August 17, 2007

The Ugliest Statement

Driving into work this morning I saw a bumper sticker that was more than just an observation about unattentive drivers or a favorite band. It was the ugliest statement I had ever seen and what was worse was the fact that it had been created on a bumper sticker so there were likely more like it riding around on the back of vehicles.

Let me lead with the caviat that I fully respect and defend the First Amendment so this person had every right to express his idea or view, just as I have the right to express mine right now. But, I think that this statement could be viewed as hate verbiage...something that is not tolerated in our country.

What did this bumper sticker say? It was so disgusting that I don't want to repeat it. And, I think I am also afraid that writing it will make this bumper sticker seem more real. I just can't believe there is an ignorant person driving around with this on the back of his truck. Okay...I know I have to write it down, but anyone who is reading this...please understand this is in no way how I feel or do I condone this kind of statement...quite the opposite (as you have already read above).

"The NAACP is offensive to me" and next to this statement was a Confederate flag. What year are we in people? Have we seemingly come this far in society for a statement so stupid and narrowminded to bring us back a few decades? I have never felt so much anger, sadness and deep pain at one moment. It really cut to my deepest core this morning and I found myself flashing this person the dirtiest look possible as I passed his big blue truck. argh!

More infuriating? He didn't even notice my dirty look. He was oblivious to everything around him on the road. Of course, why should I have expected anything else from this person? He doesn't care how backward and dated his statement is, and he hasn't noticed how much the world has changed around him. I understand there are places in our country that still have this sentiment...but, seriously...get over it. We are a mixed culture. A beautiful blend of different religions, beliefs, colors and histories. It is what makes America so wonderful!

I know this is just a lowly blog and I probably cannot change the mind of the biggots that are out there. But, I had to write about this experience. I had to release the disappointment I felt in this display of ignorance. Whoever you are...I am truly sad for you. I am sad that you don't understand the stunning beauty of the people around you. I will pray for you tonight, hoping that the Lord will open your eyes and let you see the real truth of our society.

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Rachel said...

Ugh! I'm going to make a bumper sticker that says "Mean people are offensive to me" with a picture of that guy on it.