Sunday, September 05, 2004

A Day Out

I finished all of my studying for school by this morning, so I decide to have a day out. A day where I could treat myself for getting a raise at work and for being disciplined this weekend.
I started my day by making myself some pancakes. Then proceeded to watch a movie and relax. After giving my precious dog a bath and then making myself presentable, I headed to the spa for a manicure and haircut.
With pink nails and a head full of bouncy curls, I headed to the mall. I was in search of the perfect gift for my man. I found it--perfection! It is to let him know how wonderful the last 8 years have been and how much I look forward to the years to come.
Being pleased with myself I proceeded down to my favorite shop and found a black suit pant set on sale. Again--perfection! With bags in hand, I decided to continue my day with a delicious dinner.
I could tell that my confidence and happiness were obvious. People were treating with a little more respect than usual. Their smiles helped boost the confidence I was radiating. I sat down and ordered a cosmopolitan. The sweet drink to my lips was heaven. The pink color is the pink in a perfect desert sunset.
For dinner I had a delicious steak and asparagus. The asparagus was shiny and green like grass. It was crisp and so tasty. I decided to have dessert--cheesecake and a glass of port. The cheesecake was the best I had ever tasted. I put my feet up on the seat across from me and moaned quietly to myself. The creamy texture was so soothing. Every bite went over my tongue and melted into my mouth like a fine white chocolate. With the port, the cheesecake had a slight cherry flavor. The sweet acidity of the port and the cheesecake just made both even better.
I left the restaurant feeling so satisfied with a day that I made my own, on my own. I got in my car and headed for home with my favorite french swing band, Paris Combo, playing on my radio.
I think I should have more days out.