Saturday, September 04, 2004

Beautiful Day

It was a beautiful day today. I went into work at 8:00 am--yes work on Saturday. I was able to drive in with my windows rolled down and the sunroof open wide. I played rock music loudly on the radio. I could have driven forever. Just before going into the office, I let the cool breeze blow into my face. It smelled so clean. Autumn would be here soon. She was letting me know.
After 5 hours at work, I left and it was still mild outside. Mild weather in Arizona at 1pm? Impossible! I drove home, once again, with the windows down and the radio blaring. I loved the wind blowing through the window. It made the sleeves on my t-shirt flutter against my skin like butterfly wings might. The warm sun seemed to make a smile grow on my face. "Come out, smile. Enjoy the day."
The scent outside was wonderful. It had rained earlier. My nose was happy too. There are no scents like those of the desert after rain.
Later I went to the movies with a friend and when I came home, walked my dog. The walk was just another reason to grasp this beautiful day. I wanted to soak it all in before it went away. After 110 degrees all week, this was a treat.
Dinner came and went. I began to watch TV and attempt to read for school. I am reading the work of other writers in my class. I read through two and then the third hit me. It drew me in. It was beautiful. If only I could write with such description. I felt like I was there experiencing what he was experiencing. How delicious!
Now, I only wait for my love to call and it will be the perfect ending to a most beautiful day. Look for beauty all around you every day. Enjoy!

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