Sunday, September 26, 2004

Died and Gone to Heaven

Tonight, I died and went to heaven. My friend and I purchased tickets in March for tonight's Sting and Annie Lennox concert. I was so excited that today finally had come. We got through the gates and still had 30 minutes to spare. So, we stood around at one of the radio station tents, watching people answer trivia questions. Those who got the answer correct were able to pick one door out of three for prizes. The prize everyone was after was a pair of front row tickets for the concert.
"What is the name of the singing group that sings the theme song for "Friends?" The Rembrandts.
I held my hand, but the radio personality didn't see me. The guy that did answer the question went up to door 3 and won a mug with a t-shirt in it.
A couple of more questions went by and either I didn't know the answer or I wasn't seen. Then came the question...
"Which King of the Hill character had to pay back taxes on the trailer she abandoned at the Sunny Hill RV Park?"
Oh, oh,'s LuAnne.
I raised my hand, then raised both. The radio guy started on the opposite side of the group. No one else had their hand up. At this point I was jumping up and down. Everyone is telling me to look my way.
Finally, he looks at me. "What's the answer?"
"That's right!"
I go up to the front. Everyone tells me to pick door 3. I open door 2 and in front of me is a woman holding two concert tickets in her hand!
"Wooooooo Hoooooooo!!"
"You won the front row tickets! What's your name?"
I can't believe it. I never win anything and this is big. I got the tickets and had my photo taken with the radio guy. Me holding the two tickets in my hand and he, planting a kiss on my cheek.
My friend was ecstatic. We couldn't believe it! I called my fiancee...I had to tell someone.
After talking on the phone, my friend and I made our way to our seats.
We were in the front with a full view of the stage. It was amazing! We could actually make eye contact with Annie Lennox or Sting. We could see that everyone was drinking Arrowhead water. We could clearly see them glistening with sweat. I could get used to seeing a concert this close. Annie Lennox took my breath away. Her voice was mesmerizing. I actually got a little teary-eyed. I am here...up front! Ahhhhh!
Sting was magnificent. The concert didn't end until 11pm. It was one of the best I had gone to. My friend and I hung out, waiting for the cars in the lot to clear. We both bought a little souvenir from this concert. We both agreed that it was one we would not forget.
Now, I am sitting at home trying to come down from the excitement. What a wonderful experience. I am still sitting on a cloud above the rest of the audience, soaking in the music. I am still cherishing the bluesy voice of Annie, the guitar picking of Dominic Miller and the enthusiasm of Sting. I don't want to come down just yet. So, if you will pardon me.

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Brian said...

Front-row seats, huh? I can't remember the last time I went to a show with assigned seats. Getting to the front row at the shows I go to usually involves kicking and shoving the people in front of you and then hoping once you arrive that you don't get crushed to death against the stage. Maybe I'm getting too old for this ...