Friday, September 10, 2004

Intrigue and Deep Thought at Lunch

Today was fairly brilliant. I got to work early. And, I was fantastically pleased with all I completed. I wrote, designed, phoned and worked the deals. I feel great. Plus, it helps to know that in less than 5 hours I will be with the one I love dearly.
I just wish I didn't have homework to do to dampen my mood. Thought I would write out my blog first and then do the homework...prolong the moment when misery will strike.
So, today at lunch with my two co-workers and friends, I began to wonder. Do men talk about the things we talk about? Do they talk about their significant others, sexual escapades and ex-lovers? Everytime I go out with my one particular friend, we always tend to steer our conversation toward sex. I love that we are comfortable enough around each other that we can talk about anything. But, I find it curious. Or, I should say it peaks my curiosity, if men talk about the same things.
I have had male friends in the past whom I was comfortable enough with that we could discuss such things. We would attempt to crack the code on why men and women don't understand one another. Or, at least try to explain the idiosyncrasies of each sex. Maybe we would be able to host our own television show. You know everyone would watch. We would be famous!
I know they say men think about sex all the time...or at least this is what scientists say. But, the problem is that men only think about the act, the actual act. Women, they think about everything leading up to that point. The act isn't even usually that important. So, how do you fuse those two together?
Many of us say we are frustrated by the opposite sex because they are so different. I say, it is the best part of being with someone...being so different. It provides twists and turns and the unexpected. How can couples stay together so long? Because they are intrigued by one another and they are willing to take the time to explore and discover one another.
How beautiful! I plan on making the one person I love the subject of my intrigue for many many years. He never ceases to amaze me. Life is wonderful!

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Brian said...

Actually, my guy friends and I never talk about our sexual escapades. It could be because they're British, but more likely it's because we'd have embarrassingly little to say on the matter ...