Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Someday is Today

Move over Scarlet O'Hara...there is no more "fiddle-dee-dee. there's always tomorrow." I learned today that there is a lot to carpe diem. Why wait until someday to do those things that you really yearn for? Do those things for which you have passion and those things that drive

The person who told me this was inspiring. She had a whimsy and spirit that made me look at myself and decide I need more happiness. I need more positive. I am always busy; always on-the-go. Slow down. Think. Imbibe the world around me.

The negative should be thrown to the wind and turned into a positive outlet to get those things done that need to be done and then make time for those things that I want to do.

Active. Changing. Metamorphosis. When will I turn into a butterfly that can fly away whenever I feel like it?

I suspect it is when I allow myself to.

I know that won't happen tomorrow...I need to take small steps and let myself learn what it means to live and act on my whims; truly enjoy life without stress and strain.

Already, I put my plan into place. I turned some of my reactions that may have normally been negative into something positive. I moved on. It has been a "floating" experience for me. Why floating? Because I feel as if I am floating above my problems and viewing them from an outside perspective. It is more constructive.

One last tip. An important part of my new plan...sing as loud and as long as you want while driving in your car. Belt it out! Ignore the drivers next to you. They are missing out on something that makes you feel alive! I may have had a hoarse voice after singing to an entire CD, but I was smiling inside.

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