Friday, December 03, 2004

The Inner City Toilet Stall

Have you ever noticed things so strange that you have to write about it....but you're not sure why it compells you? The other night, I was in class and needed to take a break. I head to the ladies' restroom. I go into one of the stalls and have to laugh out loud. I am certain the person next to me was wondering what psychopath was occupying the adjoining toilet. Why was it funny? The stall had two locks!
This was what I would call an inner city toilet stall. You are so paranoid of the baddies outside that you want to be sure no one can get in. It was so ironic to what most of us may encounter in a public bathroom. Usually, I'm lucky if the bloody door closes, let alone locks.
Let's move on to a more appropriate subject...the end of the semester. There is never more joy than the moment after leaving your last class before break. It is a freeing feeling. You want to dance and jump. It is like the Toyota commercial, outside of Building 2. "Oh, What a Feeling!" I will be encountering this euphoria Tuesday night! Then, it is back to reality and the work and grind must begin on my thesis.
No one said nirvana lasts forever!

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