Sunday, December 12, 2004

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride--what a wonderfully fun movie. I never tire of watching this film. It brings back some great memories from high school. In drama class, each of us knew the words of the entire movie. We would re-enact the entire thing, with the accents and lisps of every character. It is a story that is ridiculous, funny and romantic all at the same time.

Sometimes I find myself thinking about the simpler time of high school. It makes me laugh that I think of high school as simple...when I was a teenager, my life seemed anything but simple. I was trying to find who I was, I was also trying to appease all those around me. They had put so much hope into me. They believed in me. It isn't easy when you are the smart one in the family, the first one to go to university and the one expected to make something excellent of your life. There was no time for fun or acting on hormones. My life consisted of studying, sports and other extracurricular activities that would make me look like a "well-rounded" student on paper.

After the hard work, I still never got to attend the university of my choice. And, I missed out on so much. I didn't get to experience true life until college and, even then, school always came first. I never really experienced the wonder of being on my own and what the world had to offer me until I traveled abroad alone.

So, now, I am once again the princess, but also soon-to-be a bride. Everyone is focussing their attention on me because I will be graduating with my master's degree. And, in a little more than a year from now, I will be gettign married. The attention and hope on me has brought back some very familiar feelings and memories. As I was after college, I am fearing the unknown. I am afraid that I will lose a bit of my identity and who I have grown to be. I also am afraid of the future family my fiance and I would like to have. Will I be a good enough mother? Will I be a good wife? I am sure these are fears that everyone has, but for me...this is a foreshadowing of failure. I need to have faith. I need the knowledge to make this successful. But, how do you study to be a good wife? A wonderful mother?

These are dilemmas for the princess bride. She will have to look deep inside herself and find the answers. Will she succeed?

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