Tuesday, December 07, 2004

My Lesson Today

I learned something very important today. Save your blog as a draft when unsure of the Blogger system. I had written a lovely piece yesterday and now it is lost and gone forever; never to return to this place.

It's no wonder so many technies are paranoid individuals as well. Everything they create can possibly be lost in cyberspace. The Control + S control is one that many of us know well. To not know it can mean losing a thesis, a list of procedures for work or, worse yet, your grocery list! GASP!

How have we become slaves? How have we become "souls sacrificed on the altar of technology" as Steven Shaviro states? We are dependent on the technology around us and we will never be able to turn back. We are lost without ATM cards, we now journal online (my blog--point and case), we communicate with one another via e-mail. Our connections have become webbed and multi-faceted and they are all through technology.

The lesson...take one day to get away from the technology in your life and appreciate nature. Then, the next day, return to a calendar on your PDA, your cell phone, your e-mail, your laptop, your ATM/Debit card and everything else that defines us an advanced technological culture. And, save your writing!

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