Sunday, December 05, 2004


Did you ever notice that there is something so compelling about Abba's music? The strange high pitch voices that barely mouth the English words. The funky rythmn that makes your body want to dance. The lyrics that inspire a hairbrush under your chin, posing as a microphone.

What is the power that Abba holds over us? For me, it is memories of my childhood. Riding in our brown metallic van with an Abba 8-track in the radio, singing to Super Trooper or Fernando. It is a band that has defined two generations...our parents and us (their children). When I think about it there are so many bands like that...bands whose music plays in the back of my mind when memories unfold and web. Queen. Chicago. Alabama. Blondie. Rolling Stones.

Queen's music cuts through to my heart and to me, there has never been a better band in existence...well, except The Beatles. But, Abba. I can't put my finger on it. Maybe I should watch Muriel's Wedding again and try to synthesize my attraction to the Swedish band?
In the end, perhaps, it is just because I am a Dancing Queen at heart.

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