Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Night and other ponderings...

I haven't blogged in quite a while. And, there is good reason for that. I have had a lot of change in my life. Okay, only one change, but it was a big one. I resigned from my position at the Food Bank and took a position with another nonprofit organization. I gave three weeks notice and in those three weeks I put in hours equal to three Thanksgivings. I have so much love for the Food Bank and I wanted to ensure the transition was a smooth one.

So, I started my new job at Planned Parenthood last week. Wow! It is so different. The politics and issues are infectious. And, there is so much I need to learn to become a proficient speaker on what the organization does. I am thrilled! And, I am slowly getting aclimated.

Being at Planned Parenthood, this election has become even more exciting than it already was for me. The health care policies of each state hinge on the election. Whether low-income women and men have access to birth control, and schools have access to sex education depends on the outcome from tonight. It is exhilirating...will the organization celebrate or roll up its sleeves to re-educate the legislature?

Right now, I am watching TV. The Arizona Biltmore appears to be mobbed by the press. So much excitement in Phoenix. Saw some photos on Twitter taken by a friend and local journalist. What a crazy environment! Excitement is sizzling through the air today. You can feel it! This is what democracy should be. There should be this much excitement every time the issues are on a ballot. For a political junkie...this is a dream.

So I don't continue to babble, I must relate two stories. First, this morning, Ry and I showed up at our normal retirement community polling place at 6:12 a.m. Polls opened at 6 a.m. There was already a long and winding line. We waited for an hour and a half. I thought our wait was horrendous, but then when I saw photos on The Washington Post and The New York Times...we were lucky. I also saw local blogs about people starting to line up at 4:30 a.m. this morning to vote and beat the crowds. Eek! Regardless, I survived the ignorant, blah-blah discussion that went on around us. People trying to figure out propositions while standing in line? Come on people! Prepare!

This final story...it is not election related, but it is a story that relates to stupidity. Driving home from work this evening, I was on the freeway and saw ahead of me a police officer with his cherries and blueberries flashing. He was weaving across all of the lanes to create a freeway break. Hasn't everyone seen these? Well, one person (talking on their cell phone) in their Hyundai Tucson seemed to think that the traffic break was merely a suggestion and something that pertained to him or her. When the police car broke to the left, the Tucson broke to the right. The police officer saw the SUV swerve and try to go around so he moved back to the right side of the freeway lane. The SUV swerved to the left, again trying to get by the police car. Can we say moron? Well, the Hyundai tried one more time to allude the police officer in front him or her and almost ran into the police car's rear. Oooh, that would not be pretty. I thought the SUV finally got the hint because it began to just drive down the center lane as the police car continued the break. But, no, the idiocy continued. The driver stayed back and then when they saw an opening, they went for it. The police car at that time, pulled to the left, the police officer got out and threw a tire off the road. The Tucson went right by. The cop yelled at the SUV, jumped into his car and went after him or her with lights blaring. I saw the police officer pull over the vehicle and I couldn't help but giggle. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Think the police officer will cuff the driver?

This evening will mark history...no matter who is elected.

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