Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Confess, I Confess

Yesterday, I went to Borders with a 40% off coupon in hand so I could buy a couple of CD's at a discount. I felt like a traitor to my favorite local music store because I was giving my money and business to this big conglomerate store. A scarf on my head and large oversized glasses would have been the perfect costume for my trip into retail enemy territory. But, money is tight and who can refuse getting a CD for $10?

So, I confess...I am a traitor to my shop local mantra. I feel like I should be flogged for my bad behavior.

On top of this horrible indiscretion, I also bought Christmas CD's yesterday and well, I am listening to one of the CD's right now. That is right. It is November 11 and I am listening to Loreena McKennit sing exotic Christmas tunes through the speakers of my laptop. What has become of my grey matter?

I do admit that the Christmas music greatly increases my good mood and makes the stress melt away. I don't think I could listen to it in April, but with the cooler weather and Christmas only a month or so away, it doesn't feel all too bad. Small doses of holiday music aren't too bad.

Rest assured...there is no reason to worry for my well-being just yet. But, if I begin to link to Borders on my blog or I am listing Brian Setzer's Christmas Album among my favorite albums next July...someone call 9-1-1. Be sure they bring a straight jacket; I have thoroughly lost my mind.

Post Script...
Highly recommend the new Kaiser Chiefs album, Off With Their Heads. Great sound. Purchased the new Keane and my guilt has kept me from peeling off the plastic wrapper. But, I am sure it will be opened by the week's end.

Waiting with impatience for the new Killers album to come out on November 25.

Post Post Script...
Where are all of the good live music concerts? We have not one good band coming to Arizona in the next few months. I am in withdrawal, people!!

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Rachel said...


Seriously though, there is nothing wrong with cheap books.

And I have been amazingly tempted to buy the Sufjan Stevens Christmas CD for weeks now but am holding off until next week because it will get to me in time for Thanksgiving, which is the appropriate time to begin listening. But I'm not going to lie, whenever I've been in a store recently and Christmas music has been playing it has filled my heart with joy.