Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Book Update

I completed The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory and I was really disappointed. I saw her read an excerpt from this book at my local bookstore and was thrilled to begin devouring the words on the page. It left me unsatisfied to say the least. And, it is on one of my favorite British monarchs -- Mary Queen of Scots. I mean, how could she not be interesting. She was a sneaky lass. This book was just not as deep and moving as The Other Boleyn Girl. I had little interest in the characters and so much of what was developed on them seemed only on the surface. I want to see in their heads. This did not happen with this book. I would take the book back to get credit for other books, but I resist the temptation because it is signed.

A great book is Monsters of Templeton. This book by Lauren Groff is brilliant. She paints a lovely picture of the fictional town of Templeton, based on Cooperstown in beautiful upstate New York. She gives us a flawed character that we fall in love with and gives a biography of the town of Templeton. We meet the people who built the town and the scandal that followed them. It gives a new perspective on geneology and the secrets you will unearth as you dig into the family tree. Oh, and there is a monster that gives opportunity for commentary on society today. It is really a wonderful read. I highly recommend it.

The last book I read was Spanish Dagger by Susan Wittig Albert. I love her China Bayles series. China teaches you about herbs and plants as she tracks down the bad guy. This is one of my favorite series. If you want a good mystery with comfortable characters, this is a great book to pick up. I also have to mention that Susan Wittig Albert is one of my favorite authors. She is very much an advocate for women telling their stories. She supports writing groups and story-telling stories. I also like the fact that she replies to my e-mails and has actually read my blog. You can't find a cooler author in my book. She is genuine and an inspiration for me as a female writer.

My current read is The City of Dreaming Books by Walter Moers. I came across this jewel of a book when I was last at Changing Hands. It was a Birthday gift to myself. I don't know how I overlooked this book before, but so far...it is just fun, fun, fun. It lets me use my imagination and I look forward to the adventure that is unfolding in the pages. It is kind of Harry Potter-ish in feeling. The writing and vocabulary in it are brilliant. I won't give away too much just yet. I am enjoying it and if it continues to awe me, I may be purchasing this book for some of the people I love.

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