Thursday, August 14, 2008


I finally got to go to yoga tonight after about a month and a half of having busy Thursday nights.

Ahhh. Breathing in, breathing out. Stretch. Twist. I love the awakening of my body and its muscles.

Didn't realize how much I had missed it until I had my feet firmly planted, toes wide and spread on the blue smooshy mat.

And, I was able to share the moment with one of my best friends, making strange looks at me when our instructor suggested something that seemed impossible.

Sounds like every Thursday will be yoga night for me and B.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am feeling zen about the prospect at this moment.

p.s. While I am sitting here writing in my blog with spare words. I have this one thing to say. Yes, Michael Phelps is an amazing athlete. But, seriously, can we stop talking about him for one minute. I heard him on NPR three times today. He was mentioned on two different TV stations. And, now they are talking nonstop about him. Yippee, he won another medal. How about talking about some other Olympians? They had to work just as hard to get there.

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Rachel said...

And do they have to interview him after EVERY SINGLE RACE? Even the heats? It's ridiculous.