Thursday, January 13, 2005


Acronyms can be so sneaky. They never let on the true capacity of the thing for which they stand. ISS...this is something I looked for in the sky last night, imagining the possibilities and all of the new things that would be discovered.

ISS is the International Space Station and I had the opportunity to spot it in the sky last night with my telescope. It was amazing. It looked like a swift shooting star; a streak of light.

After viewing the ISS through my telescope, I turned my viewfinder around and looked at the sliver of a moon that hung in the sky. As I put my eye to the lens and stared up at the glowing smile, I could see craters and shadows. It was right in front me and seemed close enough to touch...not millions of light years away.

Space is an amazing vast. So many of the things that I have seen through a telescope or in photos taken by satellites, seems so unreal. One of my favorite sites to visit is I have lately been enthralled with photos taken by Cassini. The rings of Saturn are so elegant, so beautiful.

Space is definitely not the final frontier...the journey is just beginning.

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