Saturday, January 29, 2005


Over the past week, I have learned how amazing and fragile my body is. I have been reminded of how every function, every organ, every vein is interconnected to make me a walking, talking, working organic machine.

The heart for instance. It is said to enable us to feel emotions and is the core of our faith, beliefs and motivations. The heart is the center of the machine. It makes everything else work in perfect motion and tune. Perhaps because it is the center of all, it has a connection to our soul? Deep down we know its importance to keeping us alive and so we have matched it with those philosophies that keep us alive as well.

The brain is another center. It is synonymous with learning and logic. This week, the brain has taken on a whole other meaning for me. It is like a second house. It houses all of the neurons needed for me to feel, think, speak and imagine. It works in conjunction with the heart so that we are complete machines.

The kidney was one center in my body I never thought I would find relevant. But, this week, I have made a connection with my kidneys. I read about all that they do and they actually keep my heart and body in tune. They are the regulators. I try to send positive energy to my kidneys every day in the hopes that they can continue doing their job.

Of everything, I have learned most to listen to my body. I need to pay attention to what it is telling me because I can make it run at its best. Too often I wear my body down with work, stress, and sleep deprivation. I think the Romans and Greeks understood how wonderful they're bodies were. They treated their bodies like they were temples. Resting, relaxing, exercising, improving, but not beyond their limits. They kept their bodies balanced.

Now I know my body is a home that needs care and respect.

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