Sunday, May 13, 2012

Surrounded by Love

As I was stretching and doing my morning breathing meditation, I let my mind wander to all of the love that surrounds me. I have always considered myself very blessed by the amazing people in my life. But, the love these people show me has become so very special during my pregnancy.

Ryan has made comment that perhaps the arrival of our baby is one of this year's most anticipated events (summer olympics, sorry). At least it seems that way among our friends and family. It may not be true, but the fact that they make us feel this way is truly wonderful.

Some days, the prospect of all the responsibility becomes a bit overwhelming (part reality kicking in and part weepy hormones). But, when I think of all the love that surrounds us, it all becomes clear. We will not be raising this child all on our own. This child will have some of the smartest, most creative, most caring people with whom to interact. Just as Ryan and I have benefited from those around us, our child will as well. What a gift.

On this Mother's Day...I dedicate this post to my mum, a woman who has shown me that love, kindness and appreciation are the tenets with which we treat others. She also showed me that a woman can work hard, raise a wonderful family, and show motherly kindness to those in need through generosity.

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