Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Oh, Baby!

Today, as I was driving into work...I decided it was high time I post on my blog again. It has been months and months of wasteland on my poor blog sphere.

What has prompted my sudden attitude to write on my lonely blog? I think it may be the fact that I am pregnant - it may be the hormones, in fact. Facebook and Twitter seem too incredibly impersonal for posting about this precious gift. My blog is the only little island where I know I can run away to share my thoughts and they still seem intimate (this is strange, I know, since this is on the World Wide Internets).

I am also feeling this overwhelming urge to document a bit about myself...perhaps for the little one who is currently moving about in my belly (creepy, but so cool, right?). I want him or her to know that his or her mother had thoughts, ideas, dreams, adventures...and I hope this "Little Dragon" (as we have come to call the baby - it is the year of the dragon, hence the name) will also pursue all of these things with his or her own independence and fervor.

Change is on the horizon at the Cerf-Dehmer home, but oh, baby...what an amazing, miraculous change. We are waiting with anticipation and enjoying every day of the journey that result in the birth of our own little human. Yeah, we are pretty blessed, filled with joy and just loving it all right now. I can't imagine it any other way.

post script - since I am currently 21 weeks...we are a little over halfway there with our journey, but I hope to log more in the upcoming 19 weeks (give or take a few weeks). I hope some of my favorite people will tune in.


Rachel Knecht said...

I'm so excited you posted!!! And I can't wait to meet my new little pal. Love you.

Cynde said...

Thanks, sis! Love you too!