Monday, October 18, 2004

Music - Door to the Soul

As I was singing loudly in my car, both windows down and my mouth open wind enough to be a bug garage, pronouncing each word with emphasis, I realized there is nothing that makes more happy than music. It is a door to my soul.
I could live without a television, but be without some way to listen to music--I think I would die. I love listening to music. I love how each tone, rythmn and note can speak to me differently. One day a friend and I talked about the different music we listened to depending on our moods. For example, a rainy day calls for Billie Holiday, Harry Connick Jr., Etta James or Mozart.
Feeling a little down and you want to stay melancholy? A bath and Sarah McLachlan can do it.
When I want to sing, sing my heart out...any kind of Broadway musical is a must. The Beatles, Toby Keith and Martina McBride are some of my other favorites.
When I am feeling exotic and want to lounge around the house, I listen to Paris Combo, Paolo Conte or maybe some lounge music inspired by India.
While studying, it is great to listen to Clint Black, Nick Drake, Boy Drawn Badly or Talking Heads.
I could go on and on with the moods and music. With a prolific CD collection and access to music online, I can satisfy my craving for music all the time. I can never get enough. I think it may actually be an addiction, but don't tell anyone.
I truly believe that my heart and soul have been touched by music more times than a movie or even a human being. I have listened to some amazingly beautiful music...The Beatles' "Here Comes the Sun," Queen's "Barcelona" or "Show Must Go On," Etta James singing "At Last" many. Cecelia Bartoli's perfect voice can make my heart literally ping with pain and love. A long drawn violin, a slip on the string of a guitar, a softly played piano, a crescendo of string instruments...deep inside they touch me and my chest feels as if it is opening up to greet sun with happiness.
Music is a key to the soul. Outside of writing, it is one of the most powerful ways to communicate with the people we loathe, love, despise, envy and secretly admire. I love music.

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