Wednesday, October 27, 2004


As I stood in the backyard, wind whipping through my hair, windchimes tinkling out a harmony and palm leaves swaying, I realized how connected everything is. The same wind that was blowing my hair off of my face was the same wind that made a beautiful song with my windchimes.
I looked up to the sky and watched with wonder the eclipse...another connection. All of the planets and moons in our universe are connected. On the face of the moon, I was watching the shadow of the earth make it a blood red. The sight was scary, beautiful, eerie and wonderful all at the same time. It brought to mind what an eclipse must have meant to people many many years ago. What was it? An omen of something bad to come? A time for sacrifice? How times have changed. An eclipse once would be a huge event in the lives of a community. Now, although it is mentioned during the weather, an ecelipse may be an unnoticed event.
Connection. Everyday, every moment is filled with connection. Connection with others, connection with our past, and even connection with a glimpsed-at future. Connections make all of us who we are...the people to whom we talk, the authors with whom we are associated, the movies we watch. One connection I am most proud is that which I share with my family. I count myself lucky to have such a close connection with my parents and my sister. We all share so much together. No matter where we are, we always stay in touch. Their love and support has made me the person I am today.
Not only do I share a connection with my biological family, but I have a strong connection with the family that I have around who may not be connected by blood. We are connected by philosophy, love, friendship and kinship. These are people who also have shaped who I am.
We cannot escape connection. We are all connected. Connected through the biology of our bodies, the oxygen we breath, the stars we seek and everything around us. Perhaps this is just the mad ravings of existentialism. Or, perhaps this is one of those rare moments where I have actually gotten a glimpse at the person I am.

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