Thursday, October 21, 2004

All About the Weather

Did you ever have a day that was reflected perfectly in the state of the weather? Today started out cool and wise and life wise. It was beautiful and perfect. Flawless. I could breathe in and breathe out. Things were going on a smooth track and the rythmn of my day was bringing a smile to my face. I really felt like this would help the rest of my week lead into a dreamy weekend.
Things were still looking up when I left work to eat lunch with a friend and colleague. It was a lovely lunch where we smiled and laughed as we exchanged anecdotes. Outside, the wind was blowing and the sky was turning dark. Rain was on its way.
As I walked to the valet stand to get my car, sprinkles of water began to fall on my head. I drove to work with the rain getting heavier with each mile.
I arrived at work and missed the downpour as I got into the front door. The first meeting after lunch was our department meeting, uneventful, but everyone was tired and few were slightly grumpy. We escaped unscathed and emotions in-tact. If this had been a movie, a clap of thunder would have foreshadowed the next meeting and the doom it held.
The meeting among departments started off well enough, but obviously people had agendas or the weather was reeking havoc on their constitutions. The hostility in the one room could have created enough energy for several city blocks. I walked out feeling disgusted with the negative attitude people insist on taking. I had thought we were all working toward the same cause, but I guess I was mistaken. We all talked after the meeting, attempting to make heads or tails of the environment we had just walked away from.
The rain and wind continued outside. We were then told of a terrible accident on the freeways. Traffic was backed up badly. It was time to leave and no one was looking forward to the traffice waiting for us.
I left and decided to just take it mile by mile. I took some side roads that I thought would get me home fastest and safest. I talked to a friend on the phone (with my hands-free kit) to lighten my spirit. At the halfway point, I spied a rainbow stretching above the freeway. It was a sign to me of hope. The hope that God had promised me...things would get better. I was reminded that I could make a difference with my attitude. Stay positve. Don't get mired down.
I arrived home an hour later. It was nice to be home to my parents (visiting for the week) and a meal of chicken soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.
Often rain makes me thoughtful and slightly melancholy...a feeling that I enjoy once in a while because things slow down. I feel calm and solemn in my sould. I rest to read a book and drink a favorite glass of wine. But, tonight, after such a day, I appreciated having people I loved around me. I could feel at peace at once, as soon as my mum hugged me at the door.
Sometimes, it is all about the weather; all about the pattern we take. But, other times, when we are smart, we can stand outside and look at the weather and the patterns that are going on around us. Who said we have to be the rain? We can just learn from it and maybe get a little wet.

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