Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There is a Free Spirit in Here

This afternoon, I had lunch with a friend. We were talking about being driven and methodical. I always thought that was me. A Type A who had to be in control and always have things done in a just-so kind of way. But, I know there is a free spirit in here -- deep inside me.

I actually feel more comfortable giving over to the free-spirited side of myself. I tend to be happier and experience new things that give my life a new depth and understanding. But, the Type A, scheduled side of me needs to rule when it comes to work and finances. I don't know how to do things without having them done in a subscribed specific way.

I admit, I probably gave into that Type A side of myself more often when I got out of college. I felt like I needed to be more alert, more serious. But, it is my husband and the travels we have had that show me that there is a balance.

I can find a happy medium and this is what I have found to be true. When I am stressed and there is a lot going on that needs my detail-oriented, analytical, calculating brain...then I have Miss Type A ruling my action. But, when I happy, comfortable with me and stress-free...I have the care free hippie that is delighted in the world.

Do others have this duplicity?

On another note....currently reading, Reading Lolita in Tehran and currently listening to a lot of opera (probably to keep the free spirit motivated and harmonious at work).

Recently saw Franz Ferdinand at The Marquee in town. What a fantastic show. Full of energy and wonderful guitar. We really enjoyed seeing this Scottish band. It was our way of being at Coachella for only an hour. We had planned to go to the music festival this year, but the cost was just too much. Perhaps next year?

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