Saturday, May 28, 2005

Meeting...part 5

“Rory, that’s sweet. But, I don’t think so. Not yet.” She smiled sweetly and rubbed his hand softly.

He was embarrassed by the rejection. However, he understood where she was coming from. “I guess we should go back inside. It’s getting late.” He kicked the dirt under the rubber sole of his Converse sneaker. He had worn the same brand since he was in elementary school.

“I hope I didn’t wound your ego, Rory. I’m just not quite ready. I was with someone only a four months ago and I had a hard time getting over him.” She smiled again and shined her eyes at him. “When the time is right, okay?”

Rory took her hand and they walked back to Greg’s. It would be a week before she would let him kiss her, but when that moment happened…he knew in his heart she was the one he would follow for the rest of his life.

“Rory, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You were staring off into space. Are you sure you want to go dancing afterward? You must be pretty tired.”

“No, I’m not tired. Just thinking about something I need to do tomorrow.”

“Seems like you have a lot of responsibilities at work.”

“Yeah, it can get kind of crazy. But, let’s not talk about me all night. Tell me what’s going on with you. What have you been up to?”

She bit her lip and her eyes looked up. Unknowingly, her finger nails tapped the edge of the table. She was thinking. God, I love that look, thought Rory.

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