Sunday, July 22, 2012

Reflection: Sixty Days and Counting

It is unbelievable to me that I am now only 60 days from my estimated due date. Where has the time gone? I never expected this part of the journey to fly by so quickly. But, as I reflect back on the last seven months, it has been a truly wonderful experience full of the unexpected and new.

We first found out we were pregnant over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend -- hmmm, maybe we should include Martin or Martina on the list of names, but I digress. When we got that positive test, it was a delicious secret between us, as well as my very best friend (Rachel was visiting that weekend). We found it difficult to tell anyone because we wanted to keep it close, savor the expectation - it was something precious between us (and not in a Golem sort of way). But, once we told my parents and our close friends, we saw that others would savor the news as well. We saw that others had the same joy we had.

When you are over 35 and pregnant, joy alternates with anxiety. Tests and ultrasounds are done to monitor the baby's progress to ensure your old age has not contributed to a genetic anomaly for your baby. When the last of the major tests were over and we passed with flying colors, we then focused on the long list of things to accomplish before the baby arrived, while also reading lots of books about the little biological science project growing inside me (I will never get over the wonder of the baby's growth). The list of things to do can be overwhelming.

I am happy to report that most of our list is checked off and we are feeling much more prepared than we did even two months ago:
- A spot for the baby is confirmed at a daycare and it is a wonderful place
- Pediatrician confirmed
- Nursery set up (it is such a beautiful room in our house - I just sit in here and hang out now)
- Cord blood registry chosen and we are in the process of confirming
- Classes completed: two birth classes, one child care class and we still have a breastfeeding class, as well as a first aid and CPR class to attend
- Pre-registration at the hospital is complete
- Name list is compiled
- Playlist for the hospital room is loaded on my iPod
- Diaper delivering service is standing by
- Baby showers are on the calendar

There are so many other things we are checking off our list and as we do, we are feeling more confident and ready. We know that a baby will be a big adjustment, but it is one I know we will be able to manage because throughout this whole process it has been "we." It has never been me or he. It is always us.

Finding my partner and best friend in one truly loving individual has meant being blessed by so much over the last 15 years (and we should be celebrating 16 years right around when the baby is born). But, in the process of being pregnant, that love, kindness, wit, partnership and spirit for adventure has shown me that as a team, we can do anything. And, Ryan will be a truly outstanding father. It makes me teary-eyed just thinking about that adorable man of mine holding our child.

My reflection is almost over, but I have to write about generosity. I count myself a very lucky girl when I think of the amazing friends I have in my life. They are all such a great support and have always been there when I needed them. But, the generosity that has surrounded Ryan and I during the pregnancy is just wondrous (cheesy word, I know, but I can't think of an adjective that properly describes the infinite amounts of generosity we have experienced). I am pretty sure it is all of the love and generosity that surrounds us that gives me that so-called pregnancy glow.

To all of you...and I sure hope you know who you are...thank you! Thank you for the hugs, smiles, laughter, support,shower planning, little gifts, encouragement, generosity, and genuine love.

We are sixty days and counting...while I can't wait until that day when I finally get to hold my little Baby Dragon...I am looking forward to everything the next sixty days has in store.

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StacyB said...

I am so excited for you and Ryan! You are going to make wonderful parents!