Saturday, July 28, 2012

12 Emotional Stages of Pregnancy: I am at Blissful Contentment

I am beginning to wonder if there's a list of the 12 emotional stages of pregnancy and I haven't seen it. Here is my take on this list:

1. When I first found out I was pregnant, there was excitement. Loads of tears. Love, love, love. I couldn't stop looking at Ryan and thinking about how blessed we were.

2. Then, at the first ultrasound, it seemed like a miracle; something unbelievable. We made this little embryo on the screen. Incredible!

3. After the talk with the doctor about my age and higher possibility of issues for the pregnancy and baby, it turned to anxiety. What if the baby does have an fetal anomaly? What if I have health issues?

4. Relief because the baby and I passed the tests with flying colors. Deep cleansing breath. I am pregnant and all will be well. Om.

5. Reading books and going to classes, there was a realization that there was a lot of preparation needed for the little human. Urgency. I need a binder. I need to organize. I need a list. We need to get things done.

6. While the urgency continues around checking off the to-do list. There is also a lot of nesting going on. I needed a space for the baby; some physical place so the baby knew we were making room for him or her.

7. A feeling of accomplishment comes in around the beginning of the third trimester when the to-do list is complete. Ahhh...we are right on track and feeling much more ready for our little one.

8. At the birthing class around the end of the seventh month, a bit of worry creeps into the picture. Will the pain be more than I can manage? Will I get this breastfeeding thing down? Will everything be okay at delivery?

9. Blissful Contentment. This is the stage where I am right now. I am content and feeling so good.

I am in the beginning of my eighth month. The nursery is done. The baby and I are in good health. We have gotten a lot of organizing and preparation completed. Friends and family are around us, surrounding us with love and support. Things are just blissful. There are lots of smiles around our house, especially when Baby Dragon moves around in my tummy; we love feeling him or her move. It is pure joy.

Right now, we are settling in and finishing up a few things. We are able to relax and look forward to the weeks ahead -- weeks of baby showers, washing little clothes and sheets, ordering diaper service, and mentally preparing for a positive birthing experience.

I am not sure what the next three emotional stages will be. I am sure women who have given birth could tell me. I am thinking anticipation, exhaustion and joy.

What an incredible adventure -- no matter where I have been in my pregnancy. This has certainly been the most amazing experience in my life. Yep, blissful contentment.

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