Friday, February 19, 2010

Olympic Addict and Other Thoughts

I am officially addicted to the Winter Olympics. Every night this week I have stayed up late watching snowboarding, ice skating and downhill. Love it! And, it is inspiring me to get my skates back on. I miss the freedom of jumps and spins. The artistic expression of skating to music. The way that it spoke to my heart and soul. It was a part of me so long, I have been thinking that it is amazing how easy it was to walk away from it all. I have also been thinking that perhaps my pursuit for Lent this year will be to pursue a place to do some roller skating again. Hmm? Could be interesting.

Other thoughts...looking forward to seeing Ozzy Osbourne tomorrow in the middle of a lovely day. Artist's Haven in the morning - time to create and write - and a friend's bridal shower.

Why oh why do I have to get a head shot? I am excited to have been honored with a local recognition that says I am a young professional making a difference in the community. But, a head shot? Really? I will be attempting to get one done this weekend. blah.

And, when will I get the chance to go and see James McAvoy in The Last Train Station? I have seen the previews for the past six months and it makes my heart skip a beat every time. No disrespect to my gorgeous husband, but there is something so yummy about Mr. McAvoy.

Current Read: Eat Love Pray by Elizabeth Gilbert (nope, now that one).

Current Music: Rush, Alice in Chains and Jet...a bit of old school rock, grunge and new rock.

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