Friday, October 09, 2009

Let the Birthday Extravaganza Continue a.k.a. I'm a Lucky Girl

This week was my birthday and I was not too happy about facing another year olderwhen the week began. I was reflecting on the past year on Monday and was just feeling like I hadn't done everything I had wanted to. Lunch with a friend on Monday helped change my attitude a bit, but then I went into a melancholy lull with the weather.

Tuesday flew right by (not without a lovely card and gift from my boss -- so nice)and before I knew it, it was my birthday on Wednesday. I learned that no matter what I have done over the past year, I am loved and appreciated. I have achieved a great deal in connecting with some amazing people. Wow! I am still overwhelmed by the week...the kindness, the care, the pure love that surrounded me.

I woke up in the morning with a gift and card from my sweet sweet husband, with morning rain and a rainbow outside to tell me "good morning." I then met two coworkers at a local coffee place and was treated to a delicious cappuccino. The hugs that greeted me were just so wonderful and genuine.

At work, I was welcomed by a bunch of balloons, an orchid, a gift bag and card. My staffperson, who is also a friend, had wanted to make my day special and she certainly made it so. At noon, I met a good friend for lunch and then when I came back to the office, my other staff person presented me with a blanket she had hand knitted -- she had chosen colors so the blanket would look like the ocean. So sweet!

Ry and I met my parents for dinner and we spent the evening talking and laughing -- they are the best parents. Before dinner I was elated to talk to my two sisters and my nephew.

The birthday celebration is continued with lunch today with a friend and then dinner tonight with two other friends. Tomorrow I will get to spend the day with one of my favorite people at the movies and lunch. And, then dinner tomorrow night with a whole group of friends -- many of us celebrating an October birthday.

Sunday is a relaxing day with my husband -- massages and brunch at one of the most beautiful resorts in town. I am not sure I will be able to start back to work on Monday after such a fun-filled week.

I have been very humbled by the love and affection that has been shown to me this week. I am a lucky girl with truly fantastic people in her life. I am blessed and so very grateful. The birthday extravaganza has shown me that I have achieved a great deal over the last year. I am looking forward to a new year of more friends...and wonderful people in my life.

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