Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random Questions and Ponderings

I cannot put two ideas together in a linear fashion so I am just relying on random numbered questions and ponderings. Please read with an open mind.

1. Why, oh, why does that couple at dance have to hog the dance floor? There are at least 12 couples in the class and there is a huge dance floor for all of us to share, but the showy couple that also likes to goof off has to take over and impede on our space. Ugh! What to do about floor hogs?

2. Why is it one of the coolest things when you go to a restaurant and they greet you by name? We have become regulars at San Tan Brewery and it is nice to be recognized. Are just being needy? Or is it that we feel like we are reliving Cheers?

3. Why did Vans decide to sponsor an outdoor concert in Phoenix in the middle of the Summer? Today, I spent four hours out in the 105-degree summer heat at the Warped Tour. The music was great and I was so wanting to hang out longer to see the bands play, but goodness it was hot. I have not felt that horrible after a day in the sun. Bad time of year for something like this, but thousands of people still showed up.

4. Why is it so exciting to makeover one of the rooms in my house? I am going to tackle my bathroom this weekend and I am so excited about the prospect. I have paint, a new shelf, new shower curtain. My bathroom is going to look totally new and I am thrilled to bits. Wonderful Fourth of July project this weekend.

5. Why is Deadliest Catch so interesting? It is a show about a bunch of guys who fish for crab. Why do I feel so compelled to watch?

Music musings this month: U2, The Sundays, Westside Story, Belanova, Wilco and Depeche Mode.

Current read: In Defense of Food...trying to barrel through it so I don't have to renew my checkout of the book from the library.

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Rachel said...

1.) You should watch Strictly Ballroom for tips on blocking in showy couple.

2.) I felt both elated and chubby when the good folks at Bert & Rocky's greeted me by name.

3.) I have nothing to say about this because it just seems ridiculous.

4.) This makes me want to redo my bathroom.

5.) I can't watch Deadliest Catch because it makes me a little sea sick.

I've been whistling Westside Story songs for weeks now. Did we have a mind meld?

And I LOVED In Defense of Food. It just made such perfect sense. And I lost 10 lbs in the two weeks after I finished reading it. So I think it's magical too.