Sunday, September 07, 2008

Inspiration Born Out of Boredom

I may be in trouble with the Lord for typing this, but seriously...does anyone else expect to go to church and actually hear about the Bible and our duty as Christians? Or, is it just me? Today in church there was a complete lack of message coming from the pulpit. It sounded more like my pastor was doing a commercial for the church. Granted it was Fellowship Fair today (also known as Open House or Please Sign Up for a Committee or Volunteer Opportunity of Some Kind Day), but I didn't realize that meant all signals we were at service had to be thrown out the window.

I will give credit to the pastor that there was a passage from the Bible read to the congregation. It referred to our responsibility to take care of the earth, tying into the theme for the day's activities -- Be Green!

So, as I attempted to stay awake (because Ry and I had stayed up way too late last night), I wrote up an impromptu poem, inspired by the Amen at the end of the sermon, sung beautifully by our choir.


Round melodious sound
Beginning anew and finality of forgiveness

Song, word, prayer in one
Expression of soul, heart and will

A word to say when quiet is too still
And, perhaps there is no need to say more

Namaste, Shalom, Amen

Round, infinite, eternal vibration of deep love, peace and one voice

Post Script: I believe the poem was in part because I am going to help my senior high youth write poems tonight for a Poetry Slam they are doing in a week. I was in that mind set.

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Rachel said...

That's strange, I kind of expect to hear about God when I'm at church too.

Lovely poem.