Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ahhh, Vacation.

Why does vacation have to be over so soon? We had a lovely vacation in California, returning the Sunday before Labor Day. Our extra long weekend included:

1. A trip up the mountain on the Palm Springs aerial tram. We walked around at the top and stood in awe of the overfed, slightly obese squirrels.

2. A glorious day and a half on Catalina Island. We stayed at the lovely Old Turner Inn, rented bicycles to ride around Avalon, tried ice cream from Big Olaf's and watched Hancock at the Avalon Casino. The beautiful art deco walls of the theatre with the plush red velvet seats was a treat, especially while we chewed on salt water taffy.

3. A wonderful concert of John Williams conducting the LA Philharmonic at the Hollywood Bowl. Yes, he had the orchestra play the Olympic Fanfare, Indiana Jones, and Superman, but the performance of Star Wars was fantastic! I have never seen so many glowing sticks, errr I mean light sabres, waving around in the air at one time.
Can you tell why we weren't in a hurry to come home?

Other highlights of our weekend included, my best friend's birthday party, Griffith Observatory, Sherman's Delicatessan in Palm Springs, Colorado Avenue in Pasadena, Beard Papa's cream puffs while watching the weirdos on Highland and Hollywood, and roaming the Farmer's Market.

Catalina was wonderful and we certainly didn't want to leave. And, the Hollywood Bowl was spectacular. But, the best part about our visit... holding my little nephew Corron. He is home! I didn't want to put him down.

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