Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pangs of Separation

Separation. It is such a simple word, but it has such a complex context. It has meaning for me this week because my husband is in Texas and the separation is horrible. Yes, perhaps the whining and complaining is pathetic because it is only two weeks out of the year. And, I have endured absences that were much longer. But, this time seems exceptionally excruciating.

I thought it would be a little easier because my parents, snowbirds to the area, are in town so I have people to help me fill my time and provide a bit of solace. Their presence just makes it all the more apparent that my other half is missing.

At the beginning of the week, he sounded so chipper on the phone. He was enjoying the time in a new city and was eager to explore. As days wore on...his voice became less joyful and upbeat. Tonight he sounded miserable. His only motivation seems to be that each passing day brings him closer to being home.

Being away from the one person who makes you feel whole is probably one of the most difficult seems to be putting me at an emotional disadvantage with everything. Even corny advertisements on TV evoke tears or exaggerated laughter.

There is nothing more wonderful than having a strong connection to your soulmate, but there can also be nothing more painful.

On a lighter note....current books...

"Owl and Moon Cafe" by Jo Ann Mapson
"Frangipani" by Celestine Vaite

Music...Anne McCue. A talented Aussie singer-songwriter who expresses a gritty truth with her lyrics. And, she brings back a rich pure guitar sound reminiscent of classic country and 70's rock.

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