Saturday, November 13, 2004


Crystal ruby, pomegranate, cranberry. Liquid in a shimmering glass, light diffused into a crimson shape on the blonde wood table. A candle flickers its golden wave, making shadows on the walls.
Friends talk and laugh. Giggle and clap their hands together. Sharing. Finding connection. Smiles. White teeth. Eyes glowing with happiness.
Sipping. Imbibing. Smelling the floral wafting up the vessel toward an awaiting nose. Over the tongue. To the back of the throat. An elegant swallow. Exhale. Ah. Heaven.
Enjoyment. Contentment. Hand placed lightly on a cheek. Finger circling the stem of the glass. Tongue swiped across pink, shining lips. Residual sweetness.
One evening. Multiple discussions.
Wine amongst friends.

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Brian said...

Is that meant to imply that you've taken to drunken blogging now, Cynde?