Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Sensory Consciousness

As I drove home tonight from school, I had a moment of clarity, a moment when I was aware of everything around me. A car stereo nearby playing a latin rythmn. My breathing deep and full--in, out, in, out. The blare of a red stop light, shining through my windshield. The ridges on the brake, felt through the thin bottom of the shoe. The smooth surface as my hand runs along the top of my steering wheel. My own radio, playing a song that has a beat that emanates through my inner ear. The sound of my tires on the road's pavement, thump, thump, thump over the ridges in the street.
Awareness of everything around me brought on a sudden sadness. A sadness at how small I am in the world. The things I have put in the forefront are insignificant when compared to so many things that are occurring today. Children are going hungry, people are facing genocide, and entire rainforests that have within them scientific miracles and unknown species are being destroyed. How does getting my homework completed every night compare? How can my problems with being alone compare?
I realized today that I need to make sure I take time to appreciate the things that matter in my life. I need to take in the daily miracles, the daily "blessings." I need to take time out and appreciate who I am. I need to recognize those around me and all that they bring to my life.
First and foremost, if I truly want to make changes in the world, then I need to believe in myself and the changes I can make in my own life.
There is something to taking time to stop and smell the roses, but also listen to the rustle of the leaves on the ground, the buzz of the bees, the feel of the dew covered grass between in your toes and the velvety softness of a rose petal against your face.

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