Sunday, July 07, 2013

Going Mobile

When you have a nine-month old, the words, "going mobile," have a whole new meaning.

We went mobile a few months ago when little man started rolling all over the place. This was akin to one of those brick phones from the early 90s. He was mobile, but pretty much stayed in one area. We rolled all over the front room together...frolicking, giggling. We were starting to get anxious about babyproofing and started the process, but knew we had some time.

More than a month ago, he started crawling and we had upgraded to a clamshell phone with digital service. We were moving things up to higher ground because he started exploring, but he still stayed within a few rooms. He didn't roam too far. And, we were astonished at what he could do. We couldn't help but smile and encourage.

The last couple of weeks we have definitely gone iPhone, waiting for the iOS 7 upgrade (aka walking). Nothing can stop this speed demon crawler; he is FAST! He is pulling himself up on pretty much anything that is stationary, or has something he can grip (dad's pant leg, the bar on the wheeled highchair, bookshelves, handles on the dresser, um...anything). Note: some things make you go, eek...we are working to redirect him to safe places where he can pull himself up. His exploring has expanded to everywhere in the house. We are now moving things up much higher, latches are on the drawers and every socket has been plugged. In order to contain him so we can do things like laundry, going to the bathroom or starting dinner...we have set up an indoor gated area (also called a play yard). It has been a miracle as we adjust to his mobile capabilities. But, sometimes when you open up that gate, it feels like you are letting the bull go into the arena or a horse onto the racetrack.

We know that hands-free walking is not too far off. I am predicting that we will have the baby that is better, faster and stronger in a few weeks based on his balance, mastery of standing up on his own, and the speed at which he walks when assisted. We are excited, but also have quite a bit of trepidation. With greater mobility, comes greater responsibility (wow, I have been using a lot of taglines in this blog post). We are pretty certain we are ready for this new chapter as parents, but know the baby will throw some unexpected experiences our way.

Walking also seems to signify a new phase in our son's life...he will no longer be a baby, but a toddler. I am trying to come to terms with this. I feel like I just started adjusting to him being a baby. But, thinking about all of the things that are ahead for him -- the discoveries, adventures, and moments of wow -- I am also pretty excited! Just this weekend he had a long of list of new discoveries: playing with a guitar, tasting a pinto bean and french fry, hanging out in the backyard inflatable pool, pushing a wooden train at the bookstore, signing the word "milk," saying the word "crazy," and so much more.

I never thought going mobile would be so challenging, scary, fun, engaging, and life-changing all at the same time. Send on over the upgrade...I am ready. I think.

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Kay said...

Isn't parenthood grand? Every day will consist of new and wonderful discoveries for -- and with -- Royce. Treasure every moment!!!

Lots of love, Kay