Saturday, August 25, 2012

Christmas Everyday

Truly! It is like Christmas everyday at our home lately. There are boxes by the front door or we get the key o'joy in our mailbox that gives us access to the BIG mailbox where they put the special mail. I am pretty sure I have written about the generosity of our friends and family. But, I am not sure I have expressed it enough. We are blessed beyond belief; they are spoiling us and our soon-to-be-here Little Dragon.

I love getting packages in the mail. Who doesn't, right? It is so fun to open up a box that just has your name on it and a return address of "Fulfillment Center." Peering inside and seeing what is hiding under those little air pillows is a perfect little moment of joy. I especially love reading the notes that friends write to go with the gift. They are always sweet and heartfelt. Yeah, you all know who you are and you have made this hormone-crazed pregnant woman cry more times than she can count.

Outside of the boxes sitting by the front door, we have experienced Christmas-like celebrations three-fold (with the fourth and final one this weekend). Yes, that would be four baby showers. No, really, four baby showers! This is what I am talking about -- generous, amazing people!

Every shower has been full of love and celebration. The gifts have been wonderful because we now have a fully stocked nursery and we are ready for a baby, but it is the time with special people that makes it feel like Christmas. Seeing our friends light up and smile when they talk to Ryan or I and ask about our Baby Dragon. The hugs, the kisses, the laughter and giggling. Just thinking about the baby showers, I am overwhelmed with happiness.

We have known that we are pretty lucky with the friends and family who surround us, but the last couple of months have left us awestruck. Our little one is going to have an extended family of aunts and uncles unlike any other child. Hillary Clinton says, "it takes a village." Well, Mrs. Clinton, we have our village and it is filled with some of the smartest, wittiest, kindest, loving people.

Yep, it is Christmas everyday at our home. And, I just have this feeling the holiday spirit is going to continue for some time. We have the best gift of them all coming very soon.

P.S. Christmas gifts usually have a tag that tells you from whom the package has come. Every box we have received thus far has had such a label, either outside or inside so we can thank the giver. This week, we received a secret package. I have put in an inquiry to our baby registry to find out who the generous gift-giver is. The gift is a high chair we had on our registry -- a generous and wonderful surprise. We really want to thank whoever sent it. If it is you...please email or call.

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