Saturday, June 23, 2012

Nesting: An Illness or Just Hormones?

Nesting. This is something I haven't always fully comprehended or understood. Deep down, I am a gypsy at heart. I crave traveling, moving around, fitting everything into one bag. Of course, after living in one house for about ten years, I have accumulated more than my gypsy heart tends to feel comfortable with. And, most of the stuff -- books and my own art (along with the materials it takes to create it); I guess it isn't all so bad. But, when you read books on pregnancy, they tell you that you will begin to have the tendency to nest. Please! That won't be me; I won't give into hormones. I was so wrong.

My Type A, organized side, has taken over the house. And, it is taking no prisoners.

When we moved into our home, I was beginning three years of graduate school and we were working through the death of my husband's mother, all while we both worked full time. Unloading boxes and putting things away in an ideal way was not a priority. It killed a bit of my anal retentive spirit, but I dealt with it because there just wasn't the time. But, now that our baby is on the way...the priorities have changed. Any given morning, I am up early and organizing, throwing things away, putting items into a box for Goodwill and cleaning.

The house is a bit topsy turvy right now because we are moving things out and reorganizing most of the rooms to not only make way for baby, but to also give him or her the environment my nesting self is craving. I not only want to have space for the baby items we anticipate, but I also want the house neat and clean for impending baby visitors.

Perfect example - this morning. While my husband got ready for work, I decided to get up as well. What kind of crazy person is up at 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning? Um, me. I decided I would get some laundry started. My laundry adventure led to an expedition deep in my closet in search of clothes, shoes and other items I no longer needed and could be donated. By 5 a.m., most of the closet was pulled into the bedroom and I was sorting through my discoveries. My husband could only shrug, smile and give me a kiss goodbye. This has been his reality for the last four or five weeks.

I'm glad he is taking it in stride. Being together as long as we have, he understands me. It may be bewildering at times, but he knows this is what I need to do.

I have to say that although this process is considered nesting (yes, I feel like a momma bird, preparing for the impending chick), it is also freeing my gypsy heart a bit. I feel lighter. It feels good. I am getting closer to feeling ready for the baby to arrive...almost.

Note: This nesting process is feeling a bit more urgent this week. Why? I will be beginning my third trimester next week and the clock is ticking on my preparation time. Nothing gives me a warm fuzzy feeling right now like a schedule, a checked-off to do list and an item that is created solely for organizing. I know others share my illness - embrace it.

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