Saturday, September 05, 2009

Creative Juices

Creative juices is so kitschy, but it is the best way to describe what has been going on so far this weekend. Creativity has been bounding and hopping all over the place and I love it. I haven't been in this place for a while.

Yesterday, I spent the morning playing guitar and creating musically. Then, last night, I visited with a few friends for drinks and conversation. I ended up walking around First Friday, talking to artists. It really inspired to be more bold and courageous with my art. I shouldn't be holding it back and hiding it. Going to work on being more out there with my painting and photography.

Today, I met with another friend to talk writing. We are both working on novels so we are going to meet monthly with additions to our manuscripts, discussing ways to improve and direction. This was our first meeting and it was wonderful! I have been quite motivated to add to what I have so far. It was so nice to hear that my writing inspired him -- my writing! I have been writing off and on all afternoon, with a few cleaning and guitar-playing breaks. With the dark cloudy sky outside, it has been perfect for creating.

On an indirect note of creative juices...yesterday, I decided to get my hair cut. It hadn't been cut for about four months and I thought it was time for a trim. The hairstylist (whom I'd never had cut my hair before -- I walked into the salon near the house) had trimmed my hair and returned my long layers. My hair was about as exciting as it always is -- long hair has the tendency to just "be there." We started talking and I told her I wanted something different -- something edgier (I am having a lot of rock n roll moments lately).

"What do you suggest? I'm feeling adventurous."

"Well, we can make it edgier, but the back will be shorter than it is now."

She explained her idea for my hair and asked me what I thought.

"Let's do it!"

I now have an edgy hair cut that has been helping to feed my creativity. It is a bob with a bit of angle added to it. When she ironed out my hair yesterday with my new cut, I felt like I was channeling Joan Jett just a bit (cool). Today, with the humidity and the resulting curls, I think I have more of a Charlize Theron (I won't complain about that).

Update on my weight loss: I lost 1.5 pounds in my first week of my weight loss challenge. Feeling very good.

Currently can't listen to much more than The Beatles and Depeche Mode. It's all good.

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Rachel said...

No way! I have a Joan Jett hair cut too! I just got it cut on Wednesday.