Thursday, August 06, 2009

I'm Walking On Sunshine...

It has been a challenging week to say the least, but the clouds parted today and I am on cloud 9. It was one of those days where I started out feeling blue (even wore a bright color to cheer me up), but then things just turned around and by the end of the day I was grinning ear to ear. I owe a lot of the happiness to my friends, starting with my staffperson Jo who had me laughing when I got into the office this morning.

Then I met my good friend and mentor, Alan, for lunch and he proceeded to make me feel like I was on the right track with nice to have people who understand and relate.

Back at the office, I had a wonderful conversation with a new employee and had my CEO tell me basically that I was awesome! Wahoo.

I rounded out my day with a committee meeting with some of my favorite people and then at home with my loving husband. Really, this day has just been full of positive energy and I feel blessed. Love days like this; I will cherish it.

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