Friday, July 22, 2005


Today at lunch, I pondered the beautiful fig. As I ate my Fig Newtons, I thought of the rounded fruit and its luscious center--sweet and sticky. I searched the Internet and found that this lovely fruit was brought to California by the Spanish missionaries. There are many many varieties of the fruit, some with elegant stripes of varigation. It is no wonder the fig has been the subject of paintings. I think figs are a fruit that makes one think of rich, lavish living. It belongs on a plate accompanied by the finest cheese and wine. I don't know how well they grow in Arizona, but I am thinking that perhaps I will find out. I would love to have a fig tree. It is time to stop by ponderance and get back to work.

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~MM~ said...

Figs grow very well in the desert! In the 1890's, the Bartlett Bros were doing quite well growing figs on two ranches; one of which was Sahuaro Ranch in present day Glendale, AZ. In fact, their fig business was doing so well they had to create new markets for their product. It is said that the Bartlett Bros. petitioned the National Biscuit Company (Nabisco) to create a cake-like cookie filled w/ a delicious fig filling. Today we call them Fig Newtons. To learn more about Sahuaro Ranch visit