Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Just a couple of random thoughts...

I am almost thinking clearly...random thoughts are all that I'm getting this evening. But, needed to write in my blog.

I don't want to go to another funeral or hear about someone passing away for quite a while. I don't think I am old enough to experience what I have experienced over the last couple of months, especially last couple of weeks. The worst was the passing of my grandmother. It hit me hard. You never realize how much matriachs in your family really are so integral and important until you lose one. Not only was she a hard-working lady that ensured her family was taken care of, but she had a WWII plane named after her...with her leggy image on the nose. I miss her. It is her genetics that made me a reader.

Good part of the weekend -- time with family. Love.

Who knew a nephew could be so much fun? I have such a wonderful time with my nephew Corron. His laugh is infectious. He makes the cutest noises. And, his curiosity is the most adorable thing I've ever experienced. I haven't been smitten with a baby since my little sister was an infant. I melt when he gives me a kiss and hug. And, I really melt when I see my husband playing with him. Ryan never looked cuter. Maybe part of it is my biological clock knocking on my uterus. Or maybe it is just I love having a nephew to spoil. Who else will ballroom dance with me in a restaurant? Just Corron.

I cannot wait to see my best friend - another country. We are finally going to have our overseas adventure. And, I am extremely excited. I was thrilled with the joy in her voice when we chatted on the phone while she waited to leave LAX. I love travelling...and now I think she has discovered why (have you, sis?).

I love having extended family. I was not looking forward to this last weekend and the funeral, but we were lucky enough to stay with extended family (yes, Katie, that is you). What solace it brought and comfort to my heart to be someplace that feels like home. The home of my best friend, the home of family. And, Katie made us feel so welcome. I am so blessed to be part of the Knecht family. Thank you.

I know I am very blessed. God has just made me one of those people who is surrounded by wonderful individuals, friends, family. I have a fantastic job where I am making a difference in my community. I have the time to volunteer for organizations for which I have a passion. I have the most fabulous, loving, sweet husband (and this is not an exaggeration). I have a home. I can travel. Thank you, Lord, for giving me so much. Ahhh.

Okay...enough randomness and a bit of "just letting it all out." I am thinking I need to put a photo of a couch with this post.

Good read: "Talking to Girls About Duran Duran" by Rob Sheffield. (Mix Tape in the form of a book -- brilliant)
Recent Music: "San Francisco Days" Chris Isaak (a used CD I purchased at Rhino this weekend - can we say place of comfort)