Friday, March 17, 2006


So it has been a while since I took the time to write in my blog. Life has been happening and my blog is what has suffered. There have been multiple blessings in my life over the past several months. Since this is the Lenten season I thought it would be the perfect time to count out some of my are some...
1. A sweet, kind, loving husband.
2. Got married to the love of my life in a beautiful wedding on a perfect day.
3. Travelled to Australia; another continent under my belt.
4. Shared a beach front room and Tahiti with my terrific husband.
5. Part of a wonderful church family.
6. Supportive friends who love and care for my husband and I.
7. A comfortable haven for a home.
8. Family members who stand behind my husband and I in all we do.
9. Neighbor and friend who is the perfect Bible study partner.
10. Two adorable pets.
11. And, last, but not least, the love of a merciful God.

Books..."The Photograph" by Penelope Lively; brilliant storytelling. Currently reading Fifth book in the Harry Potter series.

Music...Bernard Fanning's "Tea and Sympathy" This wonderful Australian artist is a golden find. I am in love with his music.

P.S. Always knew that Chloe would win Project Runway.